Outdoor panoramic photographer bundle selected by Arnaud Frich

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Do you want to discover the panoramic format? Are you looking for equipment that will come with you on treks? Arnaud Frich panoramic photography expert will explain you how the outdoor photographer pack may match your needs!

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  • The Gobi head is the smallest on the market, 170 x 30 x 30 mm!

    1 x Bushman Panoramic Gobi   +€94.21
  • Quick release plate for heavier cameras above 1,9kg or cameras with attachement screw that are not aligned with the optic axe.

    1 x Bushman Panoramic Xtension U   +€20.49
    • The Travel Backpack is the perfect solution for the photographer who wants to carry always with him everything he needs: photographic gear, tripod and personal belongings.
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Product description



Gobi, panoramic head

The Gobi is a very light spherical panoramic head (320 grams) that fits in your pocket. The panoramic head is intended for photographers that use DSLR’s and small lightweight cameras. Gobi offers simple solutions to achieve standard panoramas, to multirow panoramas, to complete spherical 360°x180° photography. Learn more about Gobi

Autopano, image stitching software

I almost always use the image stitching software Autopano to stitch my images. It is an efficient and singular stitching software. It is intended for both beginners as professionals photographers! One thing is for sure, this is my favorite stitching software! Discover features included in Autopano Pro version 3



If its price suggests that this is a bundle for beginners in panoramic photography, its size, its weight and its software are a first choice for photographers who need a compact solution like hikers for instance and who are convinced to shoot panoramas according to the entrance pupil.

Whom this bundle is intended for?

This bundle is suitable for any beginner who wants to discover the panoramic format with photos that are easy to stitch. Gobi head and Autopano Pro make a perfect couple! I also underline that this bundle is also intended for photographer looking for a light hike up solution.

Which body camera and lens can we use?

A rather lightweight body camera like the Canon 700D, Nikon D7100 or even a Canon 5D Mark III associated with a compact lens. I do not recommend to use the zoom as a 24-70mm with the panoramic head.

What kind of accessories may be added to this bundle?

The only accessory that I recommend is a camera tripod which logically should be light as well. The Eben signed Bushman Panoramic seems top.

Arnaud Frich's global opinion

In my opinion, Gobi is the best lightweight and portable head in the market. Hikers have found their panoramic head! It has three very striking qualities: well designed, super lightweight and versatile. Even if it does not reach the stability of a Nodal Ninja 4 which is much heavier and bulky, Gobi is very remarkable. Awesome product that I had a lot of fun to review!

About Arnaud...

Professional photographer and author, Arnaud Frich made panoramic photography his specialty. Seduced at a young age by the charm of this format, he shares his passion for photography through various training courses, books, articles and internet website "The guide to panoramic photography". Arnaud Frich, a famous name in the field of panoramic photography in France, is at the origin of one of the largest panoramic image in the world: Paris 26 Gigapixels


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Weight: 320 g

Dimension: 170 x 30 x 30 mm

Material / Color: Black anodized aluminium alloy

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Maximum recommended weight load: 1.9 kg

Lenses < 50 mm

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