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Kolor Abyss Bundle

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The Kolor Abyss Rig is a Gopro Hero 3 / Hero 3+ / Hero 4 camera mount to film underwater in 360 degree. (Kolor Abyss comes in a waterproof and shockproof Peli case).

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  • The Kolor Abyss Rig is a Gopro Hero 3 / Hero 3 + / 4 camera mount to film underwater in 360 degree.
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Kolor Abyss rig

The Kolor Abyss Rig has been specially designed to create 360 degree videos in underwater environment. Kolor has developed this product in partnership with experts taking underwater shots. Made in Switzerland and made of anodized aluminum alloy, the Kolor Abyss has mineral glass lenses designed specifically to record videos without any distortion.


Fabrice Schnöller's testimony

Fabrice is a freediver, mathematician and biologist, he created the DAREWIN research initiative to study acoustic behaviours of cetaceans. He works with it's firm on bio inspired acoustic innovations in different fields : ocean, virtual reality, cloud computing analysis.

You used Kolor Abyss Rig. How did you find it in doing the job?

The Kolor Abyss Rig allows you to capture all details of a scene and examine everything. It is a professional equipment which emphasizes the quality of the image but it requires minimal skills in its implementation.

360 degree video is just at their early stage. How do you see its development in the next few years?

To me, the video 360 degree brings the same revolution when the talkies replaced silent movies. I think the 360 degree video will be the norm.

Do you have other underwater projects?

We designed a system in order to capture "holographic sound". We use it in addition with standard camera that allows us to spatialized sound. A project, where you can participate via Indiegogo is underway. It consists in studying sperm whales.


The Great White Shark

© George Probst

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Case study: Diving with the Great White Shark

"I am George Probst, and I currently live in Blacksburg, VA, USA. I believe very strongly in protecting sharks, particularly those species that are listed as vulnerable or endangered on the IUCN redlist. It is my hope that my photography will help bring attention to the importance of sharks to the ecosystem and portray them in a positive light, as opposed to how the way they are often portrayed negatively in the news and media..." Have a look at the project

Create your own 360 degree video

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Kolor Abyss 360° video rig: mounting instructions

Learn how to mount the Kolor Abyss rig to create awesome 360-degree videos underwater. Have a look at the video.


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Material: Anodized aluminum alloy

Max depth rating : Reached 150 meters

Optics: Mineral glass

Weight: 3,7 Kgs

Dimensions (with lenses): 25 x 25 x 25 cm


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