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Kolor Panobook 2016

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Discover unique and original sights from majestic places. As if you were on a cruise around the world, let your mind travel to wonderful and distant lands. This collection of panoramic photography is the eight book of the Panobook series.

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The Kolor Panobook, an hymn to panoramic photography

The Kolor Panobook is the world’s biggest contest of panoramic photography leading to the publication of a beautiful hardcover book! Hundreds of amateur and professional photographers join this contest every year for a chance to be published into the book and maybe become Kolor’s panoramic photographer of the year.

The Panobook 2016 depicts the beauty that surrounds us, from touristy areas to the most remote places. Perfectly mastered techniques, to new innovative styles, with hidden photographers revealing their talents; combining self-portrait with panorama.

It reflects the evolution of our world and the vestiges of our shared history. Above all, it reveals the different aesthetics and feelings that drive each of us. We thank our jury warmly for their artistic appreciation and expertise in making a selection of the best photographs.


Ayrton Camargo

” I was born photographer. I will die photographer. And I think my slogan from the 80’s still rings true today. It’s not WHAT you shoot. It’s the WAY you shoot. ”

Ayrton is a Brazilian photographer. He has shot many photos for various magazines, from fashion to advertising, from sports to documentaries. He specialized in panoramas in the ‘90s.

Renaud Labracherie

Editor-in-chief since 2001, Renaud Labracherie created in 2006 the website Focus Numérique to make up for the lack of French technical literature on photography, on the web.

Over the last several years, the magazine has become the reference for any photography enthusiast wanting to keep up to date on a constantly growing sector and discovering new techniques and new talents.



Stefano Belli

Stefano Belli is the founder and editor of the magazine Tutto Digitale, Italy’s leading publication about digital photo & video.

” I am proud to be one of the three judges of the 2016 contest and I am looking forward to see thousands of stunning pictures in the quest of the best of the best. “

Daniel Schuhmacher, Kolor best panoramic photographer

"Winning the great Panobook competition among all these awesome panoramic pictures was really overwhelming for me! I still can't believe that I won the competition and  have the chance to visit the unique landscapes of Iceland for the first time ! I am soo pleased and want to thank the jury for selecting my picture." says Daniel.


The Panobook's contributors

Aaron Priest, Abhinav Pratap Singh, Adolfo Enriquez Calo, Alexandre Croisier, Allan L'Héritier, Alessio Putzu, Alexander Toro Bolivar, Anish Patel, Arne Jansen, Balazs Lorincz, Benjamin Bonfert, Bernard Aurélien, Bernard Riff, Bernard Tartinville, Brian Carey, Bruce Smith, Caldera Stefano, Carlos F. Turienzo, Carlos Chegado, Chantal Lichtenberg, Christian Santiago, Christoph Simon, Daniel Forget, Daniel Llamas, Daniel Lois, Daniel Schuhmacher, David Bochud, David Briard, David Monsu, Deryk Baumgärtner, Dimitri Berard, Dmitry Moiseenko, Francesco Russo, Frédéric Roustit, Gary Orona, Gildas Le Berre, Gijs De Reijke, Giorgio Marturana, Giovanni Corona, Gittan Beheydt, Glauco Meneghelli, Glenn Miles, Guy Delubac, Hammad Iqbal, Hannes Nitzsche, Harvey Jewett, Herman Desmet, Hubert Leszczynski, Ilya Izakson, Ivan Pedretti, Ivan Roslyakov, Jacques Kohler, Jan Stria, Javier Martinez Moran, James Stone, Jérôme Pouille, Jean-Claude Bruet, Jhon Garay, John Turner, Johan Morin, Klaus Dieter, Laurent Defois, Laurent Laveder, Lluis Ibañez, Luc Vercammen, Majid Ghohroodi, Manuel Bermúdez, Matt Dieterich, Marcelo Krause, Marcio Cabral, Marco Sanna, Martin Glatzner, Mauro Mendula, Michaela Khandani, Michael Murray, Michel Leblanc, Mirko Boni, Mohamed Attef, Morteza Safataj, Nicolas Escurat, Nicholas Roemmelt, Olivier Balcet, Ove Kristian, Owen Foley, Patrick Reinig, Pavel Klásek, Peter Dudas, Prajit Ravindran, Philippe Jacquot, Paul Wilson, Rainer Sparenberg, Ricardo Ravanello, Richard Brew, Rob Dickinson, Ronald Berg, Roberto Moiola, Rodrigo Alarcon-Cielock, Samina Verhoeven, Sebastian Lobos, Sigurdur William Brynjarsson, S. Martin Friedman, Tudor ApMadoc, Yves Duval



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• 240 pages
• French and English
• Comments of the photographers
• Contact details of the photographers

• 150 winning pictures
• Hardcover
• A sumptuous photographic journey


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