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Kolor Neutralhazer

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This product is retired! Please read the description before buying!

Remove the haze from your landscape photos with Neutralhazer, plugin for Photoshop!

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Product description


This product is retired!

  1. There will be no more updates for the plugin
  2. There will be no support for the plugin
  3. The price is permanently reduced, from the original price of €39 to €19.90.
  4. Compatibility: Neutralhazer requires manual installation for certain Photoshop versions. The plugin is not supported by Mac OS El Capitan. For full information, see our specifications tab or have a look at the compatibility chart

Prerequisite for using Neutralhazer

  1. Neutralhazer is a plugin for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements software. You need to own one of these applications to be able to use Neutralhazer.
  2. Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and later & Compatible with Photoshop Elements 8 and later.
  3. Compatible with Windows, Mac. Have a look at the compatibility chart

Neutralhazer is a filter for Photoshop® that removes the haze in photos

Remove the haze from your landscape photos with this incredible plugin for Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe Photoshop Elements. The speciality of Neutralhazer is detecting the thickness of air in each pixel which allows for the definition of the areas of foreground and background: you can therefore keep the foreground intact and gradually remove the haze in the background, while choosing an intensity of correction.

Haze: a recurring phenomenon

Haze is an atmospheric phenomenon that appears in most landscape photos; it reduces the visibility and can thus overshadow some interesting parts of the background: mountains, trees, or simply the sky. Haze can spoil most pictures and landscape panoramas. The Neutralhazer plugin effectively allows you to remove the haze and adjust the intensity of correction. It thus restores the landscape with all its clarity. Read the FAQ

How does Neutralhazer plugin work?

Remove the haze from your landscape photos and reveal all their colors using Neutralhazer, the new plugin for Photoshop developed by Kolor. The great strength of Neutralhazer is that it detects the air thickness of each pixel which allows you to define the background and foreground areas: reveal the background in this way, without altering the foreground. In an instant, give back all the colors that your photos deserve. Read the product description

The depth map included in Neutralhazer

Neutralhazer detects the depth of different parts of your photos. It also allows you to: view the depth map to accurately adjust the areas of background and foreground & export the depth map for direct use in Photoshop (useful to use it as a mask). Download a pack of images to test Neutralhazer


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Neutralhazer operates under Windows XP, Vista, and 7 to 10 systems, and Mac OS X (10.5 to 10.10 - Neutralhazer is not supported on Mac OS El Capitan).

Neutralhazer is compatible with Adobe Photoshop® (CS3 Windows only, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC Windows and OSX) and Adobe Photoshop Elements® (Mac OSX 8.0 to 13.0).

Neutralhazer requires manual installation for Photoshop versions above and including CS5 and Elements 10.


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