Comparison virtual tour Ricoh Theta vs DSLR

The Ricoh Theta is now available on the Kolor Store! This new device allows to take 360° pictures and easily create virtual tours. The internal software of the Ricoh Theta makes the image stitching by itself and provides you with 360° photos that you can use in Panotour software to create virtual tours with links and hotspots. With this device you can shoot a 360° picture in a few seconds: it fits in your pocket, there is no need to adjust the nodal point and you can instantly view the result on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Affordable, light and easy to use, the Ricoh Theta offers an economic alternative to the equipment usually used to make virtual tours (panoramic head, DSLR camera, fisheye lens, tripod and photo stitching software) .

We made a comparison by creating 3 virtual tours for real-estate agency "La Compagnie Immobilière du Lac". Each virtual tour has 2 versions: one created with the One-Click VR bundle (Ricoh Theta) and the second one with the classical equipment: a panoramic head (Nodal Ninja R1), a DSLR (Nikon D800) and a fisheye lens (Sigma 8mm). 



One Click VR Bundle
with Ricoh Theta

DSLR camera solution

The opinion of the Kolor team

The Ricoh Theta allows anyone to create virtual tours quickly and easily. If you're looking for an affordable, easy-to-use solution to create virtual tours, the One-Click VR bundle is for you! If you prefer having the best image quality, consider the DSLR option instead.

Creating a virtual tour with a DSLR camera requires additional equipment, time and photography skills. It ensures, however, a very good image quality. Choose this option if you'd like to create high-quality virtual tours.


Ricoh Theta

Nikon D800 DSRL



Fisheye Sigma 8mm F3.5 EX DG

Panoramic head


Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 with rotator D5


Manfrotto mini tripod

Tripod Benro classic C2580T


Monopode carbone




Autopano Pro and Panotour

Price of the solution

549€ excl. tax

3520€ excl. tax

Ease of use






Level of details in the image



Noise in pictures






iThese prices are for information purpose only

The virtual tour comparing the 2 solutions: