Aerial photography bundle selected by Arnaud Frich

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Do you want to take pictures from another point of view, or create "different" virtual tours? Thanks to Arnaud Frich's advice, discover the features of the aerial photography bundle!

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Carbon fiber Pole 2

The pole P2 Nodal Ninja is a pole divided in two separate parts. The lower part measures 2.75 m and the upper part measures 3.15 m. Merged you can reach 5.95 m height with 6 sections! This pole made from carbon weights less than 2 Kg. Read the review wrote by Arnaud Frich

Panotour Pro, virtual tour creation software

I find Panotour Pro easy to use. Its interface is simple and clear. It allows you to create virtual tours from a single panorama, possibly gigapixel, or many images. The interactivity that can be set are very rich and sometimes bluffing. Discover Panotour Pro version 2



The carbon fiber pole P2 Nodal Ninja is a kind of giant monopod that can take pictures up to 6 m high in its complete version. It is therefore a very complementary solution of standard tripod (which makes it difficult to rise above 2 m), balloon or drone. You can take different photographs over a house, hedge easily.

To whom this bundle is intented for?

Fun for an amateur photographer because for the price of a very good lens, the photographer can take pictures from a different point of view. Essential for any professional photographer specializing in the creation of virtual tours, to cover all his needs of shots of a place and its position in its environment.

What kind of camera and lens can we use?

For safety reason, it is important not to load the top of the pole heavy body camera and lens combination. Install compact equipment suchas a Nikon D7100 with a fish eye lens 10.5mm DX and RS1 panoramic head will fit perfectly. I would advice you to avoid installing equipment suchas Canon 5D Mark III, zoom 24-70 f2,8, Nodal Ninja 4 for example.

Which panoramic head do you prefer?

In my opinion, it is highly recommended to choose a compact panoramic head. That's why the heads Nodal Ninja R1 or R10 fit perfectly on a pole. However, and because it is not too bulky, I prefer the head Nodal Ninja RS1 because it is more convenient to shoot the zenith and the nadir in the virtual tour creation.


The bundle is proposed with plenty of accessories. Which one do you recommend?

  • First, you need a panoramic head suchas Nodal Ninja NN3, R1 or RS1. It is possible to mount many panoramic heads because the screw is in a standard screw 3/8".
  • The R1/R10 pole adapter is indispensable when you load a Nodal Ninja RS1/R1/R10 panoramic head on your pole.
  • The rotator. A small spare part that is screwed between the base of the pole and its foot plate. Thanks to it, it is very easy to turn the pole according to the number of degrees you need between two consecutive shots (I recommend rotator 6 positions with a fish eye full format).
  • The bubble level is almost essential to help you keeping pole and entrance pupil upright.
  • The Foot plate will give more stability to the pole. Attached to the base of the pole it can avoid your pole slipping. Very effective.
  • The case is very useful when you travel or go shooting outside and want to protect and carry your equipment.

  • About Arnaud...

    Professional photographer and author, Arnaud Frich made panoramic photography his specialty. Seduced at a young age by the charm of this format, he shares his passion for photography through various training courses, books, articles and internet website "The guide to panoramic photography". Arnaud Frich, a famous name in the field of panoramic photography in France, is at the origin of one of the largest panoramic image in the world: Paris 26 Gigapixels


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    Weight: 1.95 kg

    Closed length: 120 cm

    Max extended height: 592 cm

    Material: Carbon

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    Maximum recommended weight load: 2 kg


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