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Gigapixel panorama bundle selected by Arnaud Frich

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You want to create Gigapixel panoramas ? Thanks to Arnaud Frich's advice, discover the features of the Gigapixel bundle!

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  • Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2-L without rotator
    1 x Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2-L without rotator   +€405.00
  • This new second generation RD8-II is designed to be used with the Ultimate M2 series heads. It has precise click stops at 30°, 15°, 6°, 5°, 4°, 3°, 2.5°, 2° to support various focal length.
    1 x Rotator D8 II   +€202.50
    • The second generation EZ-Leveler-II will allow you to easily & quickly level your panoramic head thanks to its blue anodized knurled knobs. Note that Rotator D3L has EZ-Leveler-II built in.

    • The Travel Backpack is the perfect solution for the photographer who wants to carry always with him everything he needs: photographic gear, tripod and personal belongings.
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Price as configured: €0.00

Product description



Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2

Nodal Ninja Ultimate M-2 L is a manual spherical head but it is made for Gigapixel shooting. It may be totally disassembled in 4 parts which make this product a must have for transport or to put in a backpack. It is particularly stable, more than a Manfrotto 303! It supports heavy camera such as Canon 1 Ds Mark III, Nikon D4 or a Hasselblad H5D! Learn more about Nodal Ninja M2

Autopano Giga 3

I use almost Autopano Giga only to create my panoramas, edited by Kolor. Version 3 is available since December 2012. It is a particular piece of software. It is made for both beginners and for professionnals / advanced photographers! Discover features available in Autopano Giga version 3



Nodal Ninja Ultimate M-2 L can meet two different needs : the first, logical, is the need to create gigapixel photography manually and the second is the need to work with no compromise with sturdiness and stability. Indeed Ultimate M-2 L allows to mount medium format DSLR or professional full frame DSLR with big lenses. This panoramic head represents the « Ultimate head » for all passionate panoramic photographers. This is my favorite head among all top of the range heads.

Whom this bundle is intended for?

Amateurs or professionals who want to create gigapixel panoramas or who want to absolutely set the nodal point on their wide angle zoom (such as the 24-70 mm F2.8. This head is particularly adapted to photographers with heavy gear and who want the best stability even with wind.

What kind of camera and lens can we use?

We can use a lot of different bodies on this panoramic head but a 200 mm telephoto lens at least is required if you want to be able to zoom correctly in the final panorama. A 300 mm lens is interesting because it offers a real zoom without the disadvantages of bigger lenses. I suggest 300 mm F4 because this is the best compromise between weight,height and quality.


Rotator RD16 or RD8, which one is the best for gigapixel photography?

For Gigapixel photography, you don't have to hesitate, RD8 rotator is the only one that allows click stops up to 2°. It has moreover a large base that contributes to the stability of the whole installation. This product is very pleasant to use.

Arnaud Frich's opinion

This is surely the best panoramic spherical head of the market for panoramic head which cost more than 500 euros. It is practical, really nice designed, you can do anything you want with it. To me this head draws a full house!

Work sample | © Arnaud Frich

About Arnaud...

Professional photographer and author, Arnaud Frich made panoramic photography his specialty. Seduced at a young age by the charm of this format, he shares his passion for photography through various training courses, books, articles and internet website "The guide to panoramic photography". Arnaud Frich, a famous name in the field of panoramic photography in France, is at the origin of one of the largest panoramic image in the world: Paris 26 Gigapixels


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