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Create virtual tours in a few clicks! How? Place the Ricoh Theta on its ultra light carbon monopod and trigger remotely with your smartphone or tablet, drag and drop your images in Panotour and your virtual tour is ready! A quick, simple and professional solution.

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  • Ricoh Theta camera has 2 fisheye lenses combined in order to shoot 360 images with one trigger.

    New: the Ricoh Theta m15 can now capture spherical videos!

    1 x Ricoh Theta m15   +€218.51
  • This carbon monopod has been especially designed for the Ricoh Theta. Thanks to its 4 light sections, it's invisible on your 360 images. You can also use it with the QBiC MS-1 camera mount.
    1 x Kolor Carbon monopod   +€131.64
    • Table top portable tripod.

    • Thanks to the universal 1/4 screw thread and the excellent stability, PIXI can be used with a huge variety of digital devices suchas: Monopod carbon, Ricoh Theta, Rig, compact cameras or even entry level DSLRs.

    • This counterweight allows you to balance the monopod in order to ease the shooting and reduce the vibrations when the monopod is placed on the floor.
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Product description


A simple, quick and professional solution

With the Bundle « One Click VR », Kolor offers a unique solution to create virtual tours.
• Just place the Ricoh Theta on its ultra light carbon monopod
• Shoot remotely with your smartphone or tablet
• Drag and drop your images to Panotour
• Generate your virtual tour!
Our team went in the field to present you the workflow:

A complete package

The bundle contains a Manfrotto mini tripod, an ultra light carbon monopod especially made for the Theta, Ricoh Theta 360 camera and Panotour. Kolor offers a simple hardware and software solution to ease the workflow and get the best results!

Ricoh Theta

Ricoh Theta has 2 fisheye lenses combined in order to shoot 360 images with one trigger. It weighs 95 grams only. Ricoh Theta App allows to control the camera from your smartphone (Android, iPhone). You can simply take pictures at the precise moment you choose. The Ricoh Theta produces images of 3584 x 1792 pixels. Learn more about Ricoh Theta

Panotour 2

Panotour is the reference to create 360° virtual tours and make them visible on all platforms (computer, tablet, smartphone). Panotour simplifies the creation of virtual tours, so that everyone can do it without any coding skills required. Version 2 of Panotour has been developped specifically to take in charge the equirectangular images of the Ricoh Theta. Discover the features of Panotour

Whom this solution is intended for?

« One click VR » bundle has three advantages: simplicity, rapidity and optimal result. This offer is intended for real estate and tourism professionals first, but can also satisfy the needs of architecture and communication agencies and so on. If you would like to create unique content without spending too much time, « One click VR » bundle is made for you!


Choose the right equipment

We made a comparison by realizing three virtual tours on behalf of "La Compagnie Immobilière du Lac" real estate (France) using in a first phase, the One-Click VR bundle with Ricoh Theta and using in a second phase, the classical bundle with a panoramic head (Nodal Ninja R1), a DSLR (Nikon D800) and a fisheye lens (Sigma 8mm). Have a look at the comparative chart

Create your own Time-Lapse | Free application Theta ActionPlus+

A free application is available on Google Play named Theta ActionPlus+.

This application allows Ricoh Theta camera to use interval shutter-release (Time-Lapse) and action shutter-release function. In other word, when you jump or turn motion with a smart phone, the Theta Camera’s remote-shutter is pushed automatically.

Here is a great result made by Mohammed Attef:


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Ricoh Theta

Exposure control: Automatic

Exposure compensation: Manual (-2.0 to +2.0EV 1/3EV Step) * Compatible only with iOS

ISO sensivity: Automatic ISO 100~1600

Shutter speed: Automatic 1/8000~1/7.5 second

Output file size: 3584 x 1792 pixels

Battery life : 200 captures per full charge

Dimensions: 42 mm x 129 mm x 22.8 mm

Monopod carbone

Material: Carbon

Number of sections: 4

Length (folded): 44 cm

Lowest part: female 3/8”

Length (unfolded): 140 cm

Mini tripod Manfrotto

Color: Black


Length (unfolded): 13 cm

Load: 2 kg

Height 4.5 cm