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Autopano Video Pro 2

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Autopano Video is a video-stitching software that lets you stitch multiple videos into a single one that covers up to 360x180°. It is the same version as Autopano Video with the use of the GPU rendering (10 times faster) and the ability to stitch stereoscopic videos.

Starting May 17, 2017, all Autopano Video Pro licenses purchased from our store or our authorized resellers will give access to every version of Autopano Video Pro 2 + Autopano Video Pro 3.

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Product description


The brand new version of Autopano Video, our video stitching software is now available! This new version brings exciting new features that allow you to create high end 360 videos that will impress all the viewers no matter where the video is played: Kolor Eyes, classic video player or virtual reality headset. Autopano Video allows also to create videos that are compatible with Youtube 360. Autopano Video Pro 2 is the ultimate tool for creating immersive video content.

Autopano Video allows you to create 360 videos easily. You just have to drag and drop your source videos and Autopano automatically create a 360x180° video. The world's best image-stitching is behind Autopano Video. Quality workflow, quality results. no limitation, Autopano Video is cross platform and accepts as many source videos as you want. Note that users have to own an Autopano Pro or Giga (at least version 4 to work with Autopano Video Pro 2) license to optimize the stitching and get seamless results.



Drag and drop interface and timeline

Use the user friendly drag n drop feature of Autopano Video to import your videos. The new timeline of Autopano video lets you split your 360° video, apply different settings on each part of the video and add transition effects.

Automatic motion-based synchronization

Autopano video analyzes the individual movement of each camera to define the best possible synchronization

Discover all the new features of this version

Director's cut mode

The director's cut is the tool that allows you to create a standard video from a 360-degrees video. Over time, modify and add smooth transitions to projection, crop zones, orientation, views, etc.

Adaptive stitching

You have the ability to see in real time the RMS at each frame of the video. Due to inevitable parallax with close objects in every 360° video capturing system, getting a perfect render requires the stitching to be adjusted to the scene over the time.

Range stitching

The range stitching gives much better results especially for videos with not enough details (underwater content for instance). The stitching on a selection allows to stitch on a sequence of the video, using the best instants for each video pair automatically.

Masking edition

The new Mask timeline track is a powerful tool to deal with parallax problems. It contains states like other timelines. The mask track allows to benefit from all the power of the Autopano masking tool.


Jump in a Nissan GT-R

© Nismo, H+K, Grand Central

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Case study: Jump in a GT-R & experience the first ever 360 degree lap round the Le Mans track

"Autopano Video Pro was just fantastic. 9 out of 10 times it was a one click stitch! We found a nice trick though for maximum quality; One particular shot stitched incredibly well, better even than I could manually stitch, it was bright and sunny and we were surrounded by race cars (perfect!)." said Ben Kidd, animation director. Have a look at the project

Create your own 360 degree video

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Technical documentation

How to create a 360 degree video using Autopano Video and GoPro cameras. Have a look at the video.


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