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Create 360-degree videos


How to create 360-degree videos?

Quality 360-degree video production requires a multi-cam rig fitted with 6 GoPro cameras. Choose the GoPro Omni to capture 360-degree video easily thanks to its built-in pixel-accurate synchronisation . Then stitch using Autopano Video and publish on your favorite sharing platform.

• Learn more: Omni Importer
• Tutorial: the full 360-degree video workflow

360-degree video software

Create virtual tours


How to create virtual tours?

First capture spherical images with a 360 camera or a traditional camera with a panoramic head and stitch your images using Autopano. Then import your 360 scenes in Panotour / Panotour Pro and link your scenes with hotspots, add a menu, music etc. Finally upload your tour on your web server and share it with the world!

• Case study: Lisboa360 by Nuno Madeira
• Virtual tour tutorials: Panotour Pro documentation

Virtual tour software

Create high-resolution panoramas


How to create high-resolution panoramas?

Shoot overlapping photos with your camera and a panoramic head and stitch them together using Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga. Export high-quality panoramas, print them as fine-art photos or turn them into interactive gigapixel images with Panotour Pro.

• Documentation: Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga support

Panorama creation software