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Create 360-degree videos


How to create 360-degree videos?

Quality 360-degree video production requires a multi-cam rig fitted with 6 GoPro cameras. Choose Omni for synchronized capture, the Explorer+ in wet environments or Kolor Abyss for underwater productions. Then stitch using Autopano Video Pro and publish on your favorite sharing platform.

• Learn more: Omni Importer
• Tutorial: the full 360-degree video workflow

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Create virtual tours


How to create virtual tours?

For high-resolution virtual tours, you need to shoot your photos with a panoramic head, stitch the images in Autopano Giga and use Panotour Pro for the interactions. Add the Livepano option to give more life to your virtual tours, or go aerial with a pole.

• Case study: Lisboa360 by Nuno Madeira
• Virtual tour tutorials: Panotour Pro documentation

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Create high-resolution panoramas


How to create high-resolution panoramas?

Shoot overlapping photos with your camera and a panoramic head and stitch them together using Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga. Export high-quality panoramas, print them as fine-art photos or turn them into interactive gigapixel images with Panotour Pro.

• Documentation: Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga support

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