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Bundle software 360° video

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The perfect software bundle to create stunning 360° videos. Launch Autopano Video software to stitch your footage and use Autopano Giga software to fine tune your stitching. By purchasing this bundle you save €99.

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Product description


Autopano Video

Virtual Reality technology has presented new challenges for storytellers and filmmakers. Stay ahead of the curve with the new features and functionality added to this brand new version of Autopano Video and bring creative ideas to life in VR. By using our video-stitching software you will acquire a simple workflow to deliver 360° ready content to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and most of VR headsets. When talking about 360° video production, be aware that the stitching process is one of the most crucial part as noticeable stitching errors can pull people out of the immersive experience.

Timecode support

This new version supports timecode which allows videos from any genlocked rig to be directly imported into Autopano Video without the need to synchronize the videos again. On the export side of things, you can either choose your start time in the render box or pass-through the source timecodes. The burn-in function will also help you work with proxy files in post-processing.

Live preview

You can now preview the 360 video you’re working on in GoPro VR Player player, our free MacOS / Windows VR player. GoPro VR player is compatible with the Oculus and HTC Vive and will allow you to preview your footage in a VR headset without exporting your video or leaving Autopano Video.


D.WARP is our answer to stitching issues. It is a parallax compensation algorithm. This means that computer vision automatically fixes the viewpoint differences between two videos. It goes beyond just fixing parallax, it also helps with synchronization issues and rolling shutter glitches. It will also allow to fix most of the stitching issues coming from your shots and this will dramatically reduce the time needed to fix stitching issues during post-production.

Autopano Giga

The brand new version of Autopano, our image stitching software is now available ! This new version has been improved on many key aspects that make Autopano 4 simply the most powerful and user-friendly Autopano version ever made. We worked hard to improve the stitching engine but also the global user experience. Autopano 4 offers several new features and improvements, let’s have an overview.

Why do I have to use Autopano Giga along with Autopano Video?

Autopano Giga is essential to get an optimal stitching. Autopano Giga will allow you to use masks, patch images, improve the final rendering and be more accurate on settings.

VR experience: JetPack Man

Who has never wanted to fly across oceans and cities around the world like a superhero or like a bird? Even if the idea seems crazy, there is a handful of people who are trying to enable personal flight. David Mayman is one of them. Read more.

Do you already own a license of Autopano Video Pro version 1 or 2?

Great news, we made the decision to offer a unique upgrade price whatever the version you currently own. To upgrade to Autopano Video 3 from either Autopano Video standard or Autopano Video Pro, 1 or 2, the unique price is €269.00 (sales tax may apply). You will find your upgrade possibilities in your User Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific settings required for my cameras to shoot 360 videos? There are some basic requirements: make sure that there is sufficient overlap between the videos (shoot in 4:3 format) and that they are all at the same frame rate, otherwise stitching will be impossible.

Can I upload videos made with Autopano Video to Youtube360? Autopano Video will inject the required metadata when rendering your video automatically.

Does Autopano Video support 4K stitching? Yes, it's fully supported. The result can vary depending on your hardware.

See the full FAQ.

Our latest tutorials

We are frequently asked how to remove the tripod of my 360° videos. Thanks to this tutorial, you will learn how to mask your gear in a static shot using the content aware filling in Photoshop and masks in Autopano Giga.

Check out all our Quick Tips videos.


Honda Civic VR Experience

© Honda

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Case study: Honda Civic Hatchback

Honda has recently re-designed and re-engineered its new Civic. There is no doubt that the result is a car created with a unique personality and sporty soul. Now is your chance! Here is a 360 video which has a bunch of interesting angles, so you can really immerse yourself in the new vehicle. Have a look at the project

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